Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Foray into Portraiture

...Or into photography in general.

I think I may be becoming a kind of a frustrated photographer lately. Frustrated due to the lack of a good camera in which I could control the settings and because I can't (not allowed to) carry the simple digital camera around with me.

I guess this is another one of those things that I get into just because I want to practice an art-related activity.

I noticed that I have a small collection of portraits that has accumulated over time and most of it is my always-ravishing-and-mesmerizing sister; she doesn't decline to be taken which makes it very convenient for me. There's my brother, too, and some friends.

I have taken to photographing random stuff around the house too, and my diy-ed things too, of course.

I will definitely be taking more photographs this year, good camera or not.:)


Emma said...

Pretty photographs - she really looks like a porcelain doll in that first one. x

Smarla said...

definitely great photographs :D

ssie said...

I saw Cam here! hahaha