Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hello. We welcome you to our blog.

Hooray! This is my first one (I'm Nikki by the way) while it is her...well, I don't really know since she's had lots already. We are the best of friends. We thought we'd start this here blog to just let all our thoughts out on food and fashion. She loves food and I love fashion hence the F in our blog's name. We have different styles; Janelle's is very feminine and polished while I go for the androgynous-but-mostly-sweet look most of the time. She wants to open her own pastry shop (she bakes pretty well), be a food taster/critic and be a billionaire someday while I want to put up an accessories shop and maybe be a stylist and a shoe designer. There's just so much that we want to do. Here we are taking the first few steps to making them come true.