Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nearing the Horizon

As you might have noticed, I am not blogging about fashion very much lately (there goes that F). I am smitten at the moment with photography so much so that that interest has taken a backseat. And maybe I am no longer interested in fashion per se, but rather in style. They are two very different things. I might make a post in the future about that matter.

Anyway, these set of photographs is an attempt of mine to capture silhouettes and the effect the last rays of the sun brings. The moon is here too actually.;)

Most of the photos were taken on a walk (a rather brisk one as I wanted to catch the sunset at the bay but was too late) with Cameron last week in Manila. The first three were taken a long time ago (maybe about three months ago) using Cheska's cam. It was when we, along with Janelle, decided to cut our food engineering class to have isaw. Good times.

Watch out for the next post - the 50th! We have something for our readers.:D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I find shadows fascinating, especially those made by the early morning and late afternoon sun. The shadows make everything seem romantic and beautiful and the sunshine gives a warm glow to all it touches. As a result of this, I think I may be a tad obsessed with both of these times of the day especially before the sun sets. It's a good thing then that days are grey lately that way I don't feel so bad because I don't have a camera with me.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Xocolat: X Marks the Spot

Okay. Since today is the third day of February, let's talk about third places.

To most people, it's Starbucks, right?
It's not home;
it's not workplace.
It's that special place in between where
we meet to awaken our senses,
to find inspiration, and
to make long lasting connections.

Now, if you don't follow, kindly refer to the third page of your wood/velvet/metal planner.

Third place: it's that place where you go to just, be.
Now if you don't have one, I suggest finding it.

Because mine is Xocolat in Katipunan, and I tell you, it's like free therapy where I can stop by anytime and feel the earth revolve slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.

If not a perfect representation of the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company at the same time, then I would say that Xocolat is no more than a calorie trap leading to a side place to get (chocolate) drunk, and forget the din of the world.

They have a very wide range of hot and cold chocolate suspensions and scrumptious desserts, you can never get enough for that endorphin firework explosion.

Here are my top 3 favorites:

Xocolat Chai

Because mint + chocolate is always the best :) Just one sip, and you cringe as it burns at the back of your throat, knowing you just had the hottest carpe diem portion. After one cup, it shoots right up into your brain and you feel yourself rise up, suddenly with the ability to soar through the long lanes of flaming stars, up to the gates of eternity.

Xocolat French Toast

Just so to say, I am quite disappointed with the sausage on the side -- the one I had just recently. They used to be really good, now they're just :/
But all previous sins are forgiven, and new ones committed when you taste these chunks of bread soaked in Xocolat butter. They're like bite-sized brownies, but, uhm, how do I put it? Like, if heaven was edible, I'm pretty sure this is what it tastes like :)
A fruit cup, and coffee/hot Xocolat comes with this. (But trust me, go for the hot Xocolat, it is after all, liquid wisdom.)

Xoco Latte

Looks like hot Tiramisu in a tall cup, doesn't it? But here's the real deal.
The waitress gives you a glass of Xocolat espresso pellets, steamed milk, and cocoa powder. You mix them together. You take a first sip and it moistens your lips and throat. Take a second sip and it breaks your loneliness. And a few more sips raises a slight of perspiration -- all the wrongs of life pass out through your pores. Because I tell you, there is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by this nice chocolate espresso.

This is my spot. My comfort zone. Always, my special respite from the ho-hum routine of stinking college days bordering on morbid.

172 B. Gonzales st.,
Loyola Heights, Q.C.
Chocolate Cafe
Estimated Budget: ~200 per person