Saturday, July 31, 2010

Girl Crush: Agyness Deyn

With her blonde hair, blue eyes, her magnificent jaw, her bubbly and fresh personality and of course her quirky, punk and androgynous style, she has caught the attention of the fashion-loving crowd.
She is Agyness Deyn (pronounced Agnes Dean).

Her uber-fearless style has inspired many a-fashionista.
She always stands out on the red carpet.

And even more with her rocker street style.

She is also known for her constantly-changing hair.

Besides modelling, she also dabbles into film; she was recently in Clash of the Titans as Aphrodite, and music;   she had a duet with Five O'Clock Heroes called Who and had a band named Lucky Knitwear. Although critics didn't take the single warmly she believes, "you should do what makes you happy".

What I most like about her is that she's really just a simple girl who was put into the spotlight because of her unique face and irresistible personality. She goes around New York in a bike for one,

 which makes every being who cares about the environment like me smile, and she always seems to have an optimistic outlook; she is rarely seen without a smile on her face and is constantly out having fun with her friends. 

And she likes going to flea markets! Even though she gets loads of gear for free from all the modeling. She loves a good bargain just like you and me.

She is one of those personalities worth all their hype and truly deserves the spotlight. I for one am certainly watching out for more developments in her career.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

We are not high fashion

BFJ and I had our first ever photo shoot today. Since I didn't bring a tripod we had to find someone who will take our photos. Good thing our dear friend Cheska is ever-so-willing to help. She will now have to be our director/photographer indefinitely.
We agreed to wear black-and-white outfits for the shoot and found ourselves at the back of the administration building of the university to do it.

We didn't know what to do; it's our first time after all. We tried these at the tree...

and this...

which is so good at making us look like bad actors/models. 

And here's our attempt at looking fierce:

We realized that we are just not high fashion material.
So we just decided to do what we normally do...

with impressive results!

Here we are with Janelle's beloved Cupcake.

She made me stay inside which I found so hilarious for some reason.

Some funny shots:

Just look at how different we reacted to touching the icky trunk of the tree. 

And here we are as borders of the picture. I think we were laughing hard at the idea that we were supposed to be laughing for the next shot, but had no clue that we already were being photographed. 

All gratitude and hugs go to Cheska for being so supportive and helpful.

Yes, we are very happy amateurs.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Purple Oven Revel Bars

Kathleen Rose Caranto gave me a box of calories today.
And never had I received something wrapped so nicely that is especially too good for my heart.

Katz had been so concerned ever since I started refraining eating anything with a face (A.K.A meat), and so the goodie came with a card saying that if I am to be a forever strict vegetarian, I should at least consider first to taste the best out of a dairy product, currently existing.

Purple Oven Revel Bars, definitely made me rebellious.
Why oh why oh why must Purple Oven make ones better than I do :(

They were extremely moist and chewy, even if stored in the chiller.
Not too chocolatey as well, and sweetness just right.
Plus, the thing I love most about Purple Oven Revel Bars aside from its texture, is its flavor cohesiveness.
The oats, chocolates, nuts, sugar, salt and all other ingredients blended in so well.

And since 4PM today, I have already eaten 5 bars of my pride.

Being a vegan sucks.

Purple Oven Revel Bars is definitely the BEST REVEL BARS I have ever tasted.

Maybe it was because Purple Oven is a renown bakeshop that supplies (or used to supply) in Starbucks (which I must admit, do have a good set of pastry).

Or maybe it was because of its capability of healing a broken heart rooting from broken hopes and dreams due to a nose-bleeding exam (or from an ultimate crush who forgot your birthday *cry* haha).

Or maybe it was because it came from someone I love so dearly, someone I know who can give love like no other. THANK YOU SUPER KATHLEENIE >:D<

Or maybe, just maybe, it was the perfect blend of everything, thus living up to the color Purple.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cookbook Kitchen

Anybody who wants to have a future in Culinary and Gastronomy, are believed to start with the same basic handbook: The Cookbook.

As for me, true story.

I started to get this idea that I what I do want to be is a Gastronome, the day I first set foot in Cookbook Kitchen, Mandaluyong branch.
The Gastronome that I wanted to be was not the one who would feature the most high-class restaurant with the ground-breaking ingredient nor techniques in the art of culinary; rather, I would want to feature gastronomical spots such as Cookbook Kitchen, which are culinary treasures, waiting to be discovered like those of which marked by the giant X in treasure maps.

See, I just really have this urge of maneuvering all over the metro looking for places that could satisfy not just my taste buds and nutritional needs, but my soul as well.

And Cookbook Kitchen Mandaluyong branch lives up to that.
If nobody had ever told you about it, nor you do not work near the vicinity, I doubt that you have seen even the walls of Cookbook Kitchen.

It is located in a residential community in Mandaluyong, a definite home-turned-into-a-restaurant.

It is one of those less commercialized places that you can enjoy yummy food, a peaceful and relaxing homey environment, and good company.
The servers and even the owners greet and treat you very warmly.

Ms. Helen, and Mr. Gen, two of the family owners of Cookbook Kitchen definitely adds up to my plus points of the said restaurant. They just simply define hospitality and there never is a dull moment with them because they have so much stories to tell!
They even offered us free dinner on the rough opening of the Eastwood branch last month!
What such sweeties. No wonder they and their restaurants are being blessed with spruced up sales.

However, it sort of somewhat hit me that it opened its new branch in Eastwood Mall.
I just somewhat felt that at some point, it lost its out-of-the-way-quaintness factor and suddenly turned into a capitalist, al-fresco-ish dining place.

Although, the restaurant definitely needed the commercial expansion.
The Mandaluyong branch can never be big enough for all the foodies wanting to have a taste of what Cookbook Kitchen has to offer.

Only that, the Eastwood branch somewhat lost its X factor. But still, it lives up to its motto: It's all about taste.

The food in Cookbook Kitchen will never fail you. I swear my word for that.
They offer Filipino food, revolutionized in such a way that you can never find such anywhere else.
I think the price is reasonable as well.

The following are a few of my personal favorites:

Pasta al Adobo

Now who knew Adobo can be somewhat Italian?

Parmesan Crusted White Fish

Look around and every table has it.
And there is definitely a good and succulent reason why.

Pork Steak with Honey Mustard Sauce

The pork was very juicy and the honey mustard sauce is just heaven!

CBK Chicken

It's like Chicken Cordon Bleu, but I suggest that you do find for yourself the difference :)

Kittin's Scarlet Cake

I guess that what cuts this among other red cakes glued together by sugary cream cheese icing is that it has this peppermint-ish note.

Although some people find it a bit pricey. I'm not sure. I tend to forget what I pay for if it's worth spending anyway.

Just to share, Cookbook Kitchen was named such since the head of the family was one of the authors of the few first Filipino Cookbooks.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Healthy Shabu-Shabu

It's my birthday today! YAAAY!
For about a week, I trained myself to be a Vegan. And in this special day, I was determined not to put all such sacrificial abstinence to waste.

Shabu-Shabu is one of my most favorite food.
Probably the healthiest in the list as well.
Healthy, in the sense that it means eating more vegetables and less grease-laden food.
A favorite, because I get to cook my own food!

From where I live, Healthy Shabu-Shabu located at the third floor of SM The Block is the most convenient place to get a taste of such Japanese hot pot.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the city; moreover, the crowDEADness of the institution that this branch is located, Healthy Shabu-Shabu still managed to keep its serene and oriental ambience.

Probably it was because of the bamboo plants decorated all over the place, or the zen factor. Shiz, I really have no idea. We are not interior designers here. But I could put a little bet that the costliness does contribute to the serene ambience as well.

Not very affordable, but definitely worth the extra cash.

According to one poster there, Gengis Khan had the first and most primitive idea of Shabu-Shabu. It was back in the-something-dynasty (no historians here as well), that he gathered his soldiers in a large pot with a tasty broth, over fire, and they dipped their thinly sliced meat; that way, they saved resources at the same time, gather the nutrients they need for battle.

So what basically is Shabu-Shabu?

They usually provide you with this pot of tasty chicken broth, wherein you submerge:

Cabbage, Pechay, Taro, Corn, Squid Balls, Chicken Balls, Pork Balls, Tofu, Crab Stick, Mushrooms, Noodles


and thinly sliced beef (if you are willing to pay the extra price for the extra bold and better texture, go for Wagyu)

You swish them back and forth, over and over again:

Hence the term, Shabu-Shabu (literally, "swish, swish").

The trick is to submerge the hard ingredients for 15 minutes, the moderately thick ingredients for 10 minutes and the meat and seafoods for 5 minutes. Be sure to as well put the noodles lastly. So that they could absorb the flavor that is already contributed by the cooked ingredients in the broth.

Since you basically have your own stove here, you have the control on temperature.

Oh, and I almost forgot! They give you these on the side:

Do not be afraid.
You can mix them all up to produce the exact flavor that you like.
What I usually do is put the egg white on the chicken broth, and the egg yolk on the goma(dipping sauce). I split the spices into two parts as well, half goes to the broth, and the other to the dipping sauce. To add up some spicy note, add the bagoong-looking-thing (I forgot what it was called, I'm sorry).

Also, they say that you can cut-back on Carbs by eating the noodles lastly.
I forgot why. You can Google though.
You could also always add up plain rice.

Although I doubt if you still can. *evil grin*

YAAAAAY! And for such, I believe Gengis Khan is worthy to be called a great leader.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eastwood Weekend Gourmet Market

Being the frustrated gourmand that I am, I find it glorifying to take strolls amongst weekend gourmet markets.
Although, the trip to the gourmet haven was never a part of the plan for this day.
I thought Eastwood Weekend Gourmet Market already ended two months ago.
But surprise, surprise!

Right then and there, I felt like a wide-eyed kid on a trip to a toy store.

I believe that weekend gourmet markets have made going to the market fun to do again.
More than catering to home-makers who do not have time to go to wet and dry markets on weekdays, such gourmet markets allows easy access to gastronomic delights and novelty products, letting the world of foodies get a taste of what they are looking for/never thought can look for.

I do not recommend for one to leave the vicinity without tasting or carrying a bagful of:

Sonia's Bakes and Cakes' Chocolate Banana Loaf

The all-famous Turkish Dessert: Baklava

A definite PERFECT ending: Dulce de Leche Ensaymadas

Joy's Smokes' Home-made Ham

and of course, my most favorite of all local favorites!

Suman Taal

More than sweets, baked goodies, or hard-to-find-gourmet-cooking-ingredients, Eastwood's Weekend Gourmet Market offers the real treat of sharing and exchanging thoughts and ideas of gastronomic creations with people who love food -- like US do :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hello. We welcome you to our blog.

Hooray! This is my first one (I'm Nikki by the way) while it is her...well, I don't really know since she's had lots already. We are the best of friends. We thought we'd start this here blog to just let all our thoughts out on food and fashion. She loves food and I love fashion hence the F in our blog's name. We have different styles; Janelle's is very feminine and polished while I go for the androgynous-but-mostly-sweet look most of the time. She wants to open her own pastry shop (she bakes pretty well), be a food taster/critic and be a billionaire someday while I want to put up an accessories shop and maybe be a stylist and a shoe designer. There's just so much that we want to do. Here we are taking the first few steps to making them come true.