Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eastwood Weekend Gourmet Market

Being the frustrated gourmand that I am, I find it glorifying to take strolls amongst weekend gourmet markets.
Although, the trip to the gourmet haven was never a part of the plan for this day.
I thought Eastwood Weekend Gourmet Market already ended two months ago.
But surprise, surprise!

Right then and there, I felt like a wide-eyed kid on a trip to a toy store.

I believe that weekend gourmet markets have made going to the market fun to do again.
More than catering to home-makers who do not have time to go to wet and dry markets on weekdays, such gourmet markets allows easy access to gastronomic delights and novelty products, letting the world of foodies get a taste of what they are looking for/never thought can look for.

I do not recommend for one to leave the vicinity without tasting or carrying a bagful of:

Sonia's Bakes and Cakes' Chocolate Banana Loaf

The all-famous Turkish Dessert: Baklava

A definite PERFECT ending: Dulce de Leche Ensaymadas

Joy's Smokes' Home-made Ham

and of course, my most favorite of all local favorites!

Suman Taal

More than sweets, baked goodies, or hard-to-find-gourmet-cooking-ingredients, Eastwood's Weekend Gourmet Market offers the real treat of sharing and exchanging thoughts and ideas of gastronomic creations with people who love food -- like US do :)