Friday, July 30, 2010

We are not high fashion

BFJ and I had our first ever photo shoot today. Since I didn't bring a tripod we had to find someone who will take our photos. Good thing our dear friend Cheska is ever-so-willing to help. She will now have to be our director/photographer indefinitely.
We agreed to wear black-and-white outfits for the shoot and found ourselves at the back of the administration building of the university to do it.

We didn't know what to do; it's our first time after all. We tried these at the tree...

and this...

which is so good at making us look like bad actors/models. 

And here's our attempt at looking fierce:

We realized that we are just not high fashion material.
So we just decided to do what we normally do...

with impressive results!

Here we are with Janelle's beloved Cupcake.

She made me stay inside which I found so hilarious for some reason.

Some funny shots:

Just look at how different we reacted to touching the icky trunk of the tree. 

And here we are as borders of the picture. I think we were laughing hard at the idea that we were supposed to be laughing for the next shot, but had no clue that we already were being photographed. 

All gratitude and hugs go to Cheska for being so supportive and helpful.

Yes, we are very happy amateurs.


Ricah said...

nikki! your boots! i waaant!

NikkiT said...

eee, sensei! ikaw ang pinakaunang nagcomment sa aming blog.:D
salamat sa pagbisita. <3
wahahaha. thanks for admiring them. thrifting is always the answer.:))