Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cookbook Kitchen

Anybody who wants to have a future in Culinary and Gastronomy, are believed to start with the same basic handbook: The Cookbook.

As for me, true story.

I started to get this idea that I what I do want to be is a Gastronome, the day I first set foot in Cookbook Kitchen, Mandaluyong branch.
The Gastronome that I wanted to be was not the one who would feature the most high-class restaurant with the ground-breaking ingredient nor techniques in the art of culinary; rather, I would want to feature gastronomical spots such as Cookbook Kitchen, which are culinary treasures, waiting to be discovered like those of which marked by the giant X in treasure maps.

See, I just really have this urge of maneuvering all over the metro looking for places that could satisfy not just my taste buds and nutritional needs, but my soul as well.

And Cookbook Kitchen Mandaluyong branch lives up to that.
If nobody had ever told you about it, nor you do not work near the vicinity, I doubt that you have seen even the walls of Cookbook Kitchen.

It is located in a residential community in Mandaluyong, a definite home-turned-into-a-restaurant.

It is one of those less commercialized places that you can enjoy yummy food, a peaceful and relaxing homey environment, and good company.
The servers and even the owners greet and treat you very warmly.

Ms. Helen, and Mr. Gen, two of the family owners of Cookbook Kitchen definitely adds up to my plus points of the said restaurant. They just simply define hospitality and there never is a dull moment with them because they have so much stories to tell!
They even offered us free dinner on the rough opening of the Eastwood branch last month!
What such sweeties. No wonder they and their restaurants are being blessed with spruced up sales.

However, it sort of somewhat hit me that it opened its new branch in Eastwood Mall.
I just somewhat felt that at some point, it lost its out-of-the-way-quaintness factor and suddenly turned into a capitalist, al-fresco-ish dining place.

Although, the restaurant definitely needed the commercial expansion.
The Mandaluyong branch can never be big enough for all the foodies wanting to have a taste of what Cookbook Kitchen has to offer.

Only that, the Eastwood branch somewhat lost its X factor. But still, it lives up to its motto: It's all about taste.

The food in Cookbook Kitchen will never fail you. I swear my word for that.
They offer Filipino food, revolutionized in such a way that you can never find such anywhere else.
I think the price is reasonable as well.

The following are a few of my personal favorites:

Pasta al Adobo

Now who knew Adobo can be somewhat Italian?

Parmesan Crusted White Fish

Look around and every table has it.
And there is definitely a good and succulent reason why.

Pork Steak with Honey Mustard Sauce

The pork was very juicy and the honey mustard sauce is just heaven!

CBK Chicken

It's like Chicken Cordon Bleu, but I suggest that you do find for yourself the difference :)

Kittin's Scarlet Cake

I guess that what cuts this among other red cakes glued together by sugary cream cheese icing is that it has this peppermint-ish note.

Although some people find it a bit pricey. I'm not sure. I tend to forget what I pay for if it's worth spending anyway.

Just to share, Cookbook Kitchen was named such since the head of the family was one of the authors of the few first Filipino Cookbooks.