Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Off the Runway: Dsquared2 Spring 2011

It seems that BFJ and I have both been either uninspired or very busy lately which explains the a-little-more-than-a-week hiatus. Well, for me it's both.

That is until I came across this collection by Dsquared2!
(I don't get their name. Kind of redundant don't you agree? Must learn about it next time.)

The duo behind the name just released their Spring 2011 collection. And it is just awesome! You must see for yourself...

The first look seemed so light and just oh-so-perfect for summer.
What instantly sold me to this collection is that stark-white dress; freshness, clean lines and sophistication.

One would notice the schoolboy theme that the twins had going for this collection; lace-ups with socks, cardis, huge glasses and straw hats yes?

Sleek, tailored pieces abound and note the luscious leather pieces.

The collection ended with glamorous black-and-white pieces that surely brought about ooh's and ahh's (at least in my case).

My current fascination with bows was very satisfied with that last one for sure. Oh, and leather and lace-ups, too!
What's not to like about this collection?
And we here in the tropics, what with the global warming and all, experience summer all year-round so we are free to wear these kinds of looks whenever we want. :D

runway photos from style.com

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playground Frolic (or The Girl Who Knew Not How to Swing)

After shooting the university jacket, BFJ and I went around campus some more for a mini shoot of us both.
She was dressed for the shoot too but decided not to go for it. Hers was a preppy look. Too bad she didn't want to be shot anymore. She's a killjoy that way.:))

She was not quite ready for this one but I think it's still cute anyway.

We saw that the College of Science had a playground, which was weird but in a fun way.

And there was when I found out that my friend did not know how to accelerate her swing and thus looked emo the whole time. She refused my pleas to push her so I just demonstrated to her how it was done. My sweet friend tried.

This post would have been sooo much better with pictures but my battery died shortly before we did it.:(
Here's what I managed to capture before it did.

There there, it's alright BFJ. But next time you should allow me to give you a push.

Show Your School Spirit (or How to Sell Your University Jacket)

In celebration of UP's UAAP cheerdance competition win (woohoo!) and the current varsity jacket trend, we bring you a photo-heavy post on how you can rock your university jacket.

The varsity jacket has been featured repeatedly in the runways this year, both classic versions and updated versions.

Alexander Wang SS2010, Isabel Marant FW2010
Proenza Schouler PF 2010
Alexander Wang may just have started this whole thing, for women anyway.
We once again get a glimpse of Isabel Marant's awesomeness which we've featured in an earlier post.
And those guys at PS gave us school chic for their pre-fall collection that are just totally darling that I wish I could just get out of the house with uncombed hair and a cold expression like theirs and still manage to look this polished.

We here of course just have to try this. So BFJ and I scouted the university for a perfect setting to showcase the two looks I prepared.

It managed to look like an ad for the university's centennial jacket. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Thanks to an ever-patient and charming director/photographer.;)

notice how I am facing just one direction :))

This first look is Isabel Marant-inspired: cropped pants - check, belt - check, striped shirt - check and university jacket - double check! But minus the dangly earrings and I opted for a side pony-tailed hair.

This next one...well, I just wanted to try on the leather skirt. This is the perfect opportunity I suppose.;)
And you could really see how versatile the university jacket can be.

this one is just creepy and cool!
show some university lovin'
The varsity jacket is clearly not just for jocks. Go for the classic sporty or preppy look, pair with heels or sneakers, with a skirt or pants, leather or denim, and with some good ol' school spirit and you have got this look to a tee.

Runway photos taken from style.com

Thursday, September 16, 2010

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough gets MAITRE CHOCOLATIER!

Water is the universal solvent. I know.
Although at some point, I insist that chocolate is the universal solvent of stress, anxiety, pain, and depression.

Even the wizard of words would side with me, I am positive.
STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS.

Looking back at my stock knowledge acquired in Biology (it is very limited, btw haha), here is how it works:
Whenever we're depressed, our brains exhibit low levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that brings about feelings of calm, happiness, peace and satisfaction). Hence, it results to feelings of guilt and low-esteem.

And so we eat Chocolates (or any sugary treat will do, it's just that Chocolate is THE BEST)! Your insulin and energy levels go into instant high for it contains Endorphins (very powerful natural opiates in the brain that produce feelings of intense pleasure).

And so with deadlines, and papers and exams piling up, the FTerritory staff went to Maitre Chocolatier to seek thy comfort.

Rumors on Choco-holic street is that Maitre Chocolatier is only the best.

And traversing EDSA, going right towards Shell in Buendia, until we reach Unit 2A, #28 Jupiter st. in Bel-Air Makati, proved that they really, really mean it.

Maitre offers an extensive selection of chocolates. And I mean REALLY EXTENSIVE.

Once you go inside, you are immediately greeted by their

Chocolate Wall

And look at this!

Creative isn't it? A dress made out of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate wraps! The whole time, I was wondering whether they were wearable. LOL.

And of course, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Boquets we went gaga over :))

Here's Cheska! FTerritory's camera-woman indefinitely :))

Maitre Chocolatier is a boutique cafe.
Botique, because they sell

Sweets for your sweets

And of course, cafe, for obvious reasons.

The place could cater up to 20-25 people, I suppose.

There's this spiral staircase, yes. (Of which I did not miss the chance to exploit haha)

But the second floor caters to Luxuria, a furniture shop.

The menu focused on drinks and desserts. Although it is somewhat very enticing to order other things.

BFN ordered:

Chocolate Risotto

Which was COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTING. It was named very beautifully, Italian-inspired, I must say.
Only to define Champorado UGH.

What caught my eye, and eventually my heart was:

Roast Beef Panini

Aside from the the awesome ability of the beef to melt in your mouth, they were covered in chocolate too! Yummy, yummy, savory chocolate-inspired treat.

And Cheska had:

White Chocolate Crepe with Strawberries and Kiwi

Dear Cafe Breton, your Crepes can suck it.

And the unanimously favorite in the table,

Sweet Revenge

This cake is made entirely from Europe's finest Lindt Excellence Dark70%, well fine, plus of course some flour perhaps and water, and blah blah.
This cake is 200% the best, SERIOUSLY.
See, it's a dark molten lava cake (chocolate oozing inside). I LOVE IT. I SO, SO, SO LOVE IT. (And it somehow makes me sad, because the more I fall in love with such heavenly treats, the more I doubt if there possibly is a guy I could be more in love with than chocolate HAHAHA)
Yea, and there's Vanilla Ice Cream on the side!
Lastly, can I just say that there's this somewhat spicy note in the chocolate. And so endorphins came shooting all over my system.

Maitre Chocolatier also offers home-made exquisite chocolate gelatos. Even if we didn't try them, I believe that they are exquisite. They should be. They were made only from premium European Chocolates: Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Ritz, Toblerone, Merci, etc.

Oh, and did I mention that Maitre Chocolatier is a bar as well?

They offer these amazing Choctails, that as a professional foodie that I am, I must try. HAHAHA Finally, after 20 years, my alcohol dehydrogenase found purpose. (Well I did have a Jaggermeister shot back in Van Gogh is Bipolar. But that was long ago. HAHA)

BFN, Cheska and I, being absolute non-alcoholics, shared the goodness of none other than:

Bailey's Chocolate Vodka Martini

Okay. We all know, Chocolate + Alcohol = Happiness.

HAHAHAHA But what is Weng-weng happiness?

At first sip, your face gets like this:

Well, at least for non-alcoholics. Alcohol is very bitter at first taste.
But then, after such bitterness, you learn to appreciate the sweetness of the chocolate at the bottom.

And so you become somewhat composed and comfortable with the drink:

After 3 sips:

You start losing your poise. HAHAHAHAHAHA

And soon after lots and lots of sips:

You lose yourself.


I'm back to normal now. I think. HAHAHAHAHAHA or noooooot. Well, one thing's for sure: I AM HAPPY ^_^

Although at some point, it pains me that I feel that I gained 50 pounds extra.
Well, definitely 50 pounds extra Endorphins ^_^

Chocolate + (a little haha)Alcohol + Friends = PERFECT HAPPINESS :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dutch Hole in Xavierville Wall: Van Marley's

I haven't actually seen Despicable Me, YET. I know, loser me.
But it hasn't actually slipped my radar that Boo (from Monsters Inc.) is not the cutest, most adorable kid in the animation block anymore.

It's so fluffyyyyy. I'M GONNA DIEEEE.
I don't actually know what caused Agnes dearest to utter what turned out to be the most adorable phrase known to mankind since September 1.

Although, at some point, I am getting this feeling that her dire cuteness had been to

Van Marley's

And this fluffy thing she is going gaga over, is

Nutella and Praline Sauce Dutchkins

Seriously, THEY WERE SO FLUFFY, I died.
And with Vanilla Ice Cream? Double died, I admit.

See, if it were possible to eat real pillows, this is how I daydream they would taste and feel like.

More popularly known as Dutch Poffertjes, these are soft, spongy pillow-like pancakes, topped with powdered sugar and filled with unique-flavored sauce.
As I write this, I find myself craving for Dutchkins and I know deep within the veins and capillary walls of my heart, I HAVE TO GO BACK AND TRY OUT THE OTHER FLAVORS: Original, Whipped Berry with Cream Cheese, and Whipped Lemon with Cream Cheese.

Maybe it was because of the fact that they were served in bite-sized form, I don't really know.
But 14 pieces of such mini-pancakes (1 serving size), is definitely not enough x_x

Van Marley's is the latest (just opened last July) classy hole-in-the-wall dessert bar along Xavierville Avenue that introduces Poffertjes (Dutchkins) to Filipinos, and satisfies the cravings of Dutch nationals in Manila as well.

I love what they did with their interiors.
However, the place is very small. It could cater to I think only 15 people despite the fact that this place is known to turn into a neighborhood bar during weekend nights.

Aside from Dutchkins, they offer an array of Munchies and Bonbons, of overloading goodness.
And oh, I must not forget to mention: everything here costs below 200 pesos.

Yea, the menu isn't very diversed. But I love how it is focused on showcasing the Dutch culture.

Aside from the Dutchkins, what appealed most to my sister and I were:

Kroket (Breaded deep-fried Chicken + Pork + Beef Meat Ragout) + Mashed Potato + Ranch Dip)

~deliciously unlike any other!


White Praline Brownie Pie

~every chocolate lover's wet dream, OOEY GOOEY CHOCOLATE GOODNESS ALL-OVER!!!


So what are you waiting for? Put on those wooden shoes and walk over to 10-A Xavierville Ave.
Or a much better idea: move in to Holland.

I mean, high-quality food with cheap price tags? I'll be your Dutch-ess anytime.