Thursday, September 16, 2010

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough gets MAITRE CHOCOLATIER!

Water is the universal solvent. I know.
Although at some point, I insist that chocolate is the universal solvent of stress, anxiety, pain, and depression.

Even the wizard of words would side with me, I am positive.
STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS.

Looking back at my stock knowledge acquired in Biology (it is very limited, btw haha), here is how it works:
Whenever we're depressed, our brains exhibit low levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that brings about feelings of calm, happiness, peace and satisfaction). Hence, it results to feelings of guilt and low-esteem.

And so we eat Chocolates (or any sugary treat will do, it's just that Chocolate is THE BEST)! Your insulin and energy levels go into instant high for it contains Endorphins (very powerful natural opiates in the brain that produce feelings of intense pleasure).

And so with deadlines, and papers and exams piling up, the FTerritory staff went to Maitre Chocolatier to seek thy comfort.

Rumors on Choco-holic street is that Maitre Chocolatier is only the best.

And traversing EDSA, going right towards Shell in Buendia, until we reach Unit 2A, #28 Jupiter st. in Bel-Air Makati, proved that they really, really mean it.

Maitre offers an extensive selection of chocolates. And I mean REALLY EXTENSIVE.

Once you go inside, you are immediately greeted by their

Chocolate Wall

And look at this!

Creative isn't it? A dress made out of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate wraps! The whole time, I was wondering whether they were wearable. LOL.

And of course, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Boquets we went gaga over :))

Here's Cheska! FTerritory's camera-woman indefinitely :))

Maitre Chocolatier is a boutique cafe.
Botique, because they sell

Sweets for your sweets

And of course, cafe, for obvious reasons.

The place could cater up to 20-25 people, I suppose.

There's this spiral staircase, yes. (Of which I did not miss the chance to exploit haha)

But the second floor caters to Luxuria, a furniture shop.

The menu focused on drinks and desserts. Although it is somewhat very enticing to order other things.

BFN ordered:

Chocolate Risotto

Which was COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTING. It was named very beautifully, Italian-inspired, I must say.
Only to define Champorado UGH.

What caught my eye, and eventually my heart was:

Roast Beef Panini

Aside from the the awesome ability of the beef to melt in your mouth, they were covered in chocolate too! Yummy, yummy, savory chocolate-inspired treat.

And Cheska had:

White Chocolate Crepe with Strawberries and Kiwi

Dear Cafe Breton, your Crepes can suck it.

And the unanimously favorite in the table,

Sweet Revenge

This cake is made entirely from Europe's finest Lindt Excellence Dark70%, well fine, plus of course some flour perhaps and water, and blah blah.
This cake is 200% the best, SERIOUSLY.
See, it's a dark molten lava cake (chocolate oozing inside). I LOVE IT. I SO, SO, SO LOVE IT. (And it somehow makes me sad, because the more I fall in love with such heavenly treats, the more I doubt if there possibly is a guy I could be more in love with than chocolate HAHAHA)
Yea, and there's Vanilla Ice Cream on the side!
Lastly, can I just say that there's this somewhat spicy note in the chocolate. And so endorphins came shooting all over my system.

Maitre Chocolatier also offers home-made exquisite chocolate gelatos. Even if we didn't try them, I believe that they are exquisite. They should be. They were made only from premium European Chocolates: Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Ritz, Toblerone, Merci, etc.

Oh, and did I mention that Maitre Chocolatier is a bar as well?

They offer these amazing Choctails, that as a professional foodie that I am, I must try. HAHAHA Finally, after 20 years, my alcohol dehydrogenase found purpose. (Well I did have a Jaggermeister shot back in Van Gogh is Bipolar. But that was long ago. HAHA)

BFN, Cheska and I, being absolute non-alcoholics, shared the goodness of none other than:

Bailey's Chocolate Vodka Martini

Okay. We all know, Chocolate + Alcohol = Happiness.

HAHAHAHA But what is Weng-weng happiness?

At first sip, your face gets like this:

Well, at least for non-alcoholics. Alcohol is very bitter at first taste.
But then, after such bitterness, you learn to appreciate the sweetness of the chocolate at the bottom.

And so you become somewhat composed and comfortable with the drink:

After 3 sips:

You start losing your poise. HAHAHAHAHAHA

And soon after lots and lots of sips:

You lose yourself.


I'm back to normal now. I think. HAHAHAHAHAHA or noooooot. Well, one thing's for sure: I AM HAPPY ^_^

Although at some point, it pains me that I feel that I gained 50 pounds extra.
Well, definitely 50 pounds extra Endorphins ^_^

Chocolate + (a little haha)Alcohol + Friends = PERFECT HAPPINESS :)