Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Lot Like Amour

If we were in a fashion/foodie magazine, we'd tell you that dreams really do come true, once you set your mind and heart into it, but we're not, so let's just hope that this blog gets at least a thousand hits.

We love you so.

Nikki (the one on the right, with the shorter hair) and I (the other one, obviously) started this blog in hope that it would usher us into making our dreams come true. Come almost 2 months, still, her dream of becoming a stylist, and mine as a professional foodie still seem so near yet so far. HAHAHA

But all because of your positive feedbacks and never-ending support, we find enough strength and determination to continue in fueling our passion into such respective fields.
I mean, this is where it all starts! And while this humble blog is not something to obsess over, a thousand hits, obviously mean that this entire thing has not been a failure.

Thanks guys!
You continue to inspire us to best enjoy ourselves now, because somehow, we are going somewhere soon.

See, everyone, somewhere, has something beautiful to share, and the important thing is to let people know. So showcase the world what you've got!
You need not be the most stunning individual, or the best blogger in the whole wide world.

True, when someone so beautiful walks into the room, I may drop my dessert menu for a while and take time to admire her beauty. But after a while, it doesn't appeal so much to me anymore. I mean, could there possibly be someone, or something more appealing than desserts?

But the ability to be able to show people that you are beautiful, that you felt amazing things, and that you lived, and you loved as much as you could, while you could, that is immortal.

So take pictures, lots and lots of pictures.
#1 rule in Fotography: Something does not need to be beautiful to be extraordinary.

And blog. Say things a thousand different ways. Twist words inside and out and double them back over onto themselves. Come up with words in different languages, say the same words over and over again. Write it down and spell it out stressing each syllable across intercontinental static.
Scare the world and fill it with pages and pages of what you mean to say.

And more importantly, do it with a friend -- or share it with friends (like the way we shared it with you guys)!
'Cos see, friends are like your most trusted accessories. May it be your multi-purpose scarf, or bow belt, beaded necklace, most stylish clutch or designer stilettos. True, one can live without them.
As your skinny jeans or mini skirt or even your statement shirt defines your outfit. But gain some extra pounds and such clothing items betray you.

Nevertheless, your most-trusted accessories stand by you and would make you look and feel fabulous, no matter what :)