Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playground Frolic (or The Girl Who Knew Not How to Swing)

After shooting the university jacket, BFJ and I went around campus some more for a mini shoot of us both.
She was dressed for the shoot too but decided not to go for it. Hers was a preppy look. Too bad she didn't want to be shot anymore. She's a killjoy that way.:))

She was not quite ready for this one but I think it's still cute anyway.

We saw that the College of Science had a playground, which was weird but in a fun way.

And there was when I found out that my friend did not know how to accelerate her swing and thus looked emo the whole time. She refused my pleas to push her so I just demonstrated to her how it was done. My sweet friend tried.

This post would have been sooo much better with pictures but my battery died shortly before we did it.:(
Here's what I managed to capture before it did.

There there, it's alright BFJ. But next time you should allow me to give you a push.


ricah said...

aynaku nikki! your camera always dies on you! waaa iba na ang up! T_T i'll be there later this week. hope we could meet up or have lunch or something :D text me, i'll be attending to my phone already :P

NikkiT said...

oo, daming nagsusulputang bagong buildings. pati yung project ng arki sa may post office.;)
yey! sure sure. wag lang friday.:P