Saturday, September 11, 2010


Weird title huh. It's the first thing that came to me.:))

Anyhow, bows can be seen more lately on just about any item you can wear; in headbands, shoes, bags, necklaces, rings, it goes on.

I myself have grown to be quite fond of them and am growing a collection. I find that they add just the right amount of charm and cuteness to an otherwise boring outfit.

The belt was given by a friend and the rest I made myself; a brooch, a ring and a cuff. I sometimes attach the brooch to a necklace. I also try the scarf-as-headband trend but with just half-a-bow only due to the small size of my scarf. If you want to try this, let these girls from serve as inspiration:

It's a pretty refreshing sight to see don't you think?

The bow has been featured on the runway by major designers this season (Fall 2010). If you aren't sure about the bow yet get ready to be delighted and converted!

pretty pastels from Miu Miu
patent leather goodness at l: Prada, r: Valentino
bow tie blouses for a touch of vintage at l: Balmain, r: Ferragamo
DIY-friendly bows from l: Dolce & Gabbana, r: Chloe

Now don't those last two make you want to run to your nearest supplies store to grab a yard of silky ribbon? It can be worn as a ponytail and headband, too. So go ahead and add a touch of charm and sweetness to your outfit with a bow.

Runway images taken from