Friday, August 27, 2010

For Czeila

One of the first and best people I know in college has made quite an accomplishment that I just have to share through this blog. Czeila, now otherwise known as Princess Faye, has been published for the very first time! She sent out manuscripts to the top pocketbook romance churner in the country, Precious Hearts Romances, which recognized her potential and talent and has approved all that she has sent them. Her first approved romance just recently came out in their bookstores.

And I am the very first one to get copies! I am just so not excited for her.

Yep, that's my name on the dedication page.;)

I of course had to share this with BFJ and Cheska.
And since this week didn't go as planned with me being unable to (or not being allowed to :P) capture BFJ in her costumes, she modeled the book for me. She looked so great!

We just cannot go through this post without a shot of her awesome shoes.

And then came Cheska who has already read a PHR book a long time ago.

I know she will be so engrossed with this story later. hehe.
I know I was.
And so will you so grab a copy and be sure to watch out for her next titles!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

ShoeCrazed: Jil Sander Shoes S/S 2010

I saw a pair of Jil Sander shoes on Tommy Ton's blog and couldn't help being amazed. I just love a pair of shoes that use unusual materials and have an almost sculptural feel. It doesn't hurt to look aesthetically pleasing as well, of course.

Don't they have such cool heels? They look cold and industrial even but then there are those wooden platforms in front, which makes you think what an odd combination but it totally works!

Some of these are not sold and are shown for runway purposes only. 
I have a thing for runway shoes. They are usually over-the-top and dramatic. My eyes just double-up their sizes in awe at the sight of them. Maybe I'll have a post about them in the future.

When I saw these for the first time I couldn't help but look at them repeatedly for some minutes. They are just so drool-worthy. Especially the metallic shoe that reminds one of the cool reflection of oil on the road. Droooool.

All images taken from

Friday, August 20, 2010

Voodoo Doll Love

Finally had some time to make accessories, which has been a hobby of mine for a long time now. I made a pair of voodoo dolls. I learned with some instructions off the internet. They are not easy to do at first; I had to repeat the male doll thrice, but got the hang of it eventually. It's quite an accomplishment to see them in their spectacular form.

I made these dolls this afternoon and couldn't resist styling them to create a series of pictures that sort of tell a story. Some people might not appreciate them being faceless and made out of string and all but I find them adorable.

So here's the male doll; dashing but simple.

And here is his lady friend; cute and elegant.

I imagine her to be a carefree city girl and him a shy country guy.
They cross paths and know instantly that their hearts beat for one another despite their different backgrounds.
(The oldest cliche in the book! Sorry.:)))

perfect fit
the cutest couple
the kiss
These last two pictures are my favorites. It's as if they're real and you can actually feel their immense and boundless love for each other.


I will use the female doll and put a necklace on that loop while the male doll will most likely be a bag tag or keychain which I will give to my boyfriend. :)

Have a love-filled weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prettiest Friend

This serves as a preview of what next week will be like. Because this blog will be chronicling my dear friend's challenge week for the org she's applying for. It involves her in different costumes for most of the week! It's going to be good for sure.

I took these pictures of BFJ when we were together yesterday at that oh-so-awesome-and-charming place...

The following are from our stroll around Serendra.
She always looks so lovely and pretty. Her charm translates to her style which is ultra cute and feminine.

She wore the headband I made for her for her birthday! It is just so perfect for her don't you think?

Me and my awkward self looked like a boy next to her. Haha.

And here is my favorite shot of her, my prettiest friend.

Can't wait for next week!


Today is Quezon City Day.
Hence, I gave the very city I have lived my whole life in, a rest from my existence.

I went to Tagaytay today.

Yea, loser much.
Tagaytay is the only place to be if I wish to go out of town.

My dad is just too lazy to drive, and he does not trust me, nor any other people, driving us to such a far place.
And so, SLEX, we meet again.

I missed SLEX. SLEX gives me this rush, kilig-y feeling. LOL.
But this is not the place to explain why I get that feeling each time I drive there. haha

Okay. So I blog about food.
Yes, yes, Tagaytay is all about Kare-Kare and Bulalo.

IDK what's all the fuss in it anyway.
Many distinguished restaurants in the Metro serve such dishes way better than the ones in Tagaytay do.
And restaurants in Tagaytay serve way better dishes other than Kare-Kare and Bulalo as well, compared to restaurants here.
Cheap, yes, if you are willing to eat at their all-famous wet market.

But then, you miss out the whole foodie point of going all the way to Tagaytay: The Taal Lake view.

Yes, there are Josephine's or RSM or Leslie's which I could go for, for their DEFINITELY AMAZING ambience and perfect view of the Taal Lake while enjoying the infamous dishes.
But IDK, going there is like going all the way to Tagaytay for Starbucks.
While Bag of Beans is just there, awaiting for your discovery.

And after being in Tagaytay for the nth time, I am not for coffee anymore, nor Kare-Kare, not even Bulalo. I didn't come for the Buko Tart nor the Taal Lake either.

See, everytime I go to Tagaytay, I pass by this place.

I never had a single clue that it was a restaurant. I thought it was a museum or something.
And then a friend told me that it was, and so I immediately picked-up my camera, and started my engine.

True, I found the infrastructure really awesome.
Although, when I went inside, I started to find it confusing, it implies somewhat a clash of minimalism and the rustic olden days in the 60's.

But still, I love how Pamana recreates an ambience of an ancestral home.

And look! I wasn't wrong. It was indeed a museum! haha
Somehow :)

See, this restaurant is owned by Happy, belonging to the third generation Ongpauco clan who started the Barrio Fiesta empire.
Her mom, Liberty Ylagan, as my mom described, was really a someone in showbusiness back then. Hence, Pamana touches a history of showbusiness as well.

Living up to its name, Pamana offers food cooked in the tradition of a collection of heirloom recipes of the Ongpauco clan. They are a family of gourmands, chefs and foodies. Sheez how I wish I was a long lost daughter. LOL.
And yea, a family of artists too.
They also had recipes from prominent showbiz personalities back then like Helen Gamboa.

You have to read the entire menu in order to grasp the whole concept, and appreciate what Happy is trying to put out that Heart Evangelista failed to live on.

We ordered:

Pinangat na Laing

It was good, great even. Next to Xtraordinary Filipino's Laing with Melon, I do love this Laing. Well, since Xtraordinary Filipino is closed now, I guess it is THE BEST LAING my taste buds have set in contact with.

Although, initially, we wanted Tinuktok for our vegetable dish. It was similar to Laing, but the minced meat, shrimps and spices were wrapped in taro leaves then smothered in gata. Unlike that of Laing, which was mixed.
It was one of the house specialties. I was so disappointed that I drove all the way to Tagaytay and it was unavailable. :(

Three-Way Cooked Adobo

IDK why Adobo is the all-famous Filipino dish. I mean, it's not like we specialize in soy sauce or vinegar. Sheez IDK.
Most of the people I know even like Sinigang better.
Anyway, going back to the dish.

So any Filipino Themed restaurant is incomplete without this dish.
And so it bothered me that there were other ways in cooking Adobo.

Apparently, this is from Happy's three most favorite lolas. I forgot their names. Sorry :(
It included: Adobong Puti, Adobo Flakes, and Native Adobo Spareribs.

Adobong Puti was okay. I didn't like it all that much.
I didn't know how it was quantified as an Adobo.

The vinegar, soy sauce, peppercorn and all other spices were blended in so well and the Spareribs were very juicy.
It definitely changed my way of thinking towards Adobo.
And since Happy also owns WorldTopps and they boast this all-famous Adobo Rice, knowing Pamana's tastes sooooo good, I might as well try it one of these days.

There was nothing so special about the Adobo Flakes.
I feel that it was Pork, shredded into thin pieces and placed inside SANDVIK for an hour. LOL.
But, it complements well with Laing.
It suddenly transforms into something like Laing with Chicharon.

Corned Beef Bulalo

Yes, I do not leave Tagaytay without Bulalo in my tummy.
And Nilagang Bulalo nor Bulalo Steak was so forever ago.

This definitely revolutionized Corned Beef.
My sister is a big fan of Corned Beef, and Bulalo as well.
And to have both in one, is just one hell of a treat!

Pampanga's Sizzling Sisig at Aligue

The best Sisig is not in Pampanga. IT'S IN TAGAYTAAAAAY!
This is the best, of all the best, period.

Filipino Fondue

This is a local Chocolate Addict's dream!
I for one, loves kakanin, and chocolate as well.
Like I said before, SUMANG TAAL IS THE BOMB.
Apparently, their practice was dipping it into a native chocolate concoction.

Really, it's way, way, WAAAAAAY YUMMIER than strawberries or marshmallows dipped in chocolate.
I guess maybe it was because of the innate yumminess of the chocolate as well.

Although, I find this a bit pricey.
Kakanins are very cheap.
And what they did was just cut them into four parts.
Oh well, it's really good anyway so I shall extend forgiveness.

Crispy Turon and Ube Home-made Ice Cream

I didn't like it.
The Sorbetes was, as my sister said, "tastes like banana but it's color ube."
The Turon isn't any better.

Can I just say? The service water was exceptional! It was Pandan-flavored or something.
Although it takes centuries for the waiters to serve them to you/refill your glass.

Yea, Pamana indeed, everything took centuries :/
I hate the service. It was like the staff were from way past that they find moving hard already.

I think the way that the second floor is the main dining hall isn't very nice as well.
It's hard to get the server's attention especially when they are downstairs preparing the meals :/
Well, fine, the second floor really does showcase the cool breeze of Tagaytay.
But please put some waiters on post here as well :/

But over-all, I LOVE PAMANA.

I would definitely go back and bring there my overseas loves if ever they do come and visit.
I'd like to try other dishes in the menu as well.

Yea, I know, Pamana was never about Tagaytay.
Their Taal Lake View wasn't at all appealing.
Well, probably their Kare-Kare is good, since it is a Barrio Fiesta Favorite.
And like I said, the something Bulalo we had was superbly awesome as well.

Then again, I think Pamana isn't about "hey, I'm in Tagaytay."
I love Pamana because it brings its customers down the memory lane, it reminds us of the memories of lunches and dinners that were usual happy occasions celebrated with family and close friends.

As influential of a family as Ongpauco, or not, I still stand that memories are the most precious heirlooms in a family that you could proudly boost to others.
And I was in so much awe that Pamana helps contribute bring that back.