Friday, August 27, 2010

For Czeila

One of the first and best people I know in college has made quite an accomplishment that I just have to share through this blog. Czeila, now otherwise known as Princess Faye, has been published for the very first time! She sent out manuscripts to the top pocketbook romance churner in the country, Precious Hearts Romances, which recognized her potential and talent and has approved all that she has sent them. Her first approved romance just recently came out in their bookstores.

And I am the very first one to get copies! I am just so not excited for her.

Yep, that's my name on the dedication page.;)

I of course had to share this with BFJ and Cheska.
And since this week didn't go as planned with me being unable to (or not being allowed to :P) capture BFJ in her costumes, she modeled the book for me. She looked so great!

We just cannot go through this post without a shot of her awesome shoes.

And then came Cheska who has already read a PHR book a long time ago.

I know she will be so engrossed with this story later. hehe.
I know I was.
And so will you so grab a copy and be sure to watch out for her next titles!


aislemyth said...


I love your blog. Ang cute nung dolls whehehe

NikkiT said...

kaya ifollow mo na dali!:))
hehe, i know ssie. kaya naman atat akong makita mo.;)

aislemyth said...

paano kasi ifollow ito?

NikkiT said...

nilagay ko yung pang gmail para sayo. iclick mo na lang.:)