Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prettiest Friend

This serves as a preview of what next week will be like. Because this blog will be chronicling my dear friend's challenge week for the org she's applying for. It involves her in different costumes for most of the week! It's going to be good for sure.

I took these pictures of BFJ when we were together yesterday at that oh-so-awesome-and-charming place...

The following are from our stroll around Serendra.
She always looks so lovely and pretty. Her charm translates to her style which is ultra cute and feminine.

She wore the headband I made for her for her birthday! It is just so perfect for her don't you think?

Me and my awkward self looked like a boy next to her. Haha.

And here is my favorite shot of her, my prettiest friend.

Can't wait for next week!