Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Quiapo

August 25 is the National Banana Split Day.
A renowned Ice Cream Parlor already sent me an SMS, a definite split on banana splits on the said day, from P185 to P79 to celebrate the very treat that has been mending broken hearts billions and billions of years already.

True, when the going gets tough, I eat ice cream.

But after having been to Little Quiapo for the nth time last night, I think I would prefer the perfect blend of sweetened beans, fruits, custard and ube halaya all on shaved ice, masked oh-so-perfectly by milk.

Little Quiapo Halo-Halo: The Halo-Halo served in a flash.

I don't really know if this counts as a food blog, because I will not talk about the much-hyped Halo-Halo in this post, neither will this be about the best Palabok in the whole wide world.

Food need not to strike a special pose, nor wear fancy make-up. They already look good on their own. Hence, I did not take pictures of them. haha I'm sorry :(

Little Quiapo is way older than me, even older than my dad, I think it already earned every positive adjective in the English, and even Filipino Dictionary, just so to express the greatness of the authentic Filipino food they have to offer.

It's just that last night, what really captured my heart and served as a scrumptious feast for me, was their decors!

I remember back then, when every edible substance tasted alike to my palette, I would hate my dad for taking me to Little Quiapo every time.

Oh believe me, 10+ years ago, Little Quiapo does live up to its name: chaotic, and unsanitary. Oh sheeez.
But they do have exemplary Halo-Halo and Palabok, of which I never noticed back then.
Oh well, I guess epicureanicity isn't something you get to be born with :P

Anyway, just look at it now!


I'm sorry, I did not study any kind of design principle, but I believe that I do not need such to appreciate what Little Quiapo put out: Contemporary Filipino (I think).

A perfect place to remind you that it is indeed hot in the Philippines, but where else could you possibly enjoy a cold treat such as Halo-Halo?

Look at the wall and ceiling decors as well!

Very Filipino, right?
Some people may think that it's baduy, or cheap.

But to top it all off with this? like Leche Flan on top of a glass of beans, a treat like no other.