Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gratitude definitely more than just a cafe.
And it adds up to today, being more than just a day :)

IDK what BFN ate (or did not eat this morning) that she agreed to go on a gastronomic adventure with me today. haha
She finds eating, nakakatamad :/

Maybe it was because of the fact as well that we never had the time to bond anymore :(
Papers, reports, exams, sheesh, acads are interfering with our friendship T_T

Whatever it is, I thank that reason.

We found going there really fun.
We got to talk about people (haha), on how to get more readers of this blog, how to make this blog better, future fotoshoot themes, yea, we also talked about pimples, and things we used to do when we were so young,
we talked about everything BFFs talk about :)

It was both our first time to go there.
Neither had I seen the walls of that place in my whole life.
I only found out about it through OurAwesomePlanet, and it fascinated me so much that there is now a similar cafe in the Philippines that my dearest Jason Mraz loved so much.

After gas mileage and so much asking,
we finally got there!
(I think from The Fort we went right, and then left, and then right again. haha)

What made me fall in love most about gratitude cafe was their extremely polite, cheerful, and attentive staff.
We were immediately greeted "Good Afternoon Madams!" as soon as we entered.
Plus, we were seated in a flash as well.

While waiting for the menu to come, we were served this somehow bowl of thoughts :))
It's like a fortune cookie, minus the cookie.
Well fine, they don't say much about your fortune as well (sheesh, I suck at comparisons :/)

It offers inspirational quotes.
Mine was: I love and accept myself the way I am and I love and accept others in the same way.

Well, the foods' names were MOST AMAZING, and the way the staff serve you the food are EXEMPLARY :))

They offer a diverse range of organic food.

BFN was refreshing, and blessed.
I was charming and creative. (IKR HAHAHA)

And we were both sweet :)

Okay, not being self-conceited here. haha
Let me explain.

I am charming.

This is their home-made iced tea. It was really good. It was somewhat minty, lemony, and black tea-ish.
I found it perfect. I'm adding it up to my list of favorite home-made iced teas.

I am creative.

Don't eat meat? This is suitable for you!
It looks like meat, and it definitely tastes OOOH SOOO MEAT.
But, it's gluten chunks in hickory barbecue sauce.
It tasted SOOOOOO GOOD. Although I didn't find it hickory barbecue-ish.

I am blessed.

I only had a pinch of it. And all I could tell you is that the fish really was flavorful, and I loved it.
BFN didn't comment so much about it. The only review I heard from her the whole time she was eating this was that the veggies on the side was really, really bland.

I am sweet.

And so, I DIED.
I was never a fan of carrot cakes, but this is a carrot cake like no other!
It wasn't too sweet, it wasn't too carrot-ty as well.
The cream cheese icing and the nuts, and chocolate syrup AAAAAH BRING ME BACK TO GRATITUDE CAFE T_T

Although, they only offer one dessert, per month, I think.
So if you want to try this one, you better run. :))

I am refreshing is distilled water.

The place could cater to about 20 people.
But they also have a second floor.

The place was very serene, and comfortable.
Despite being at the heart of humongous buildings and corporate greed.

The customers were mostly corporate women, and people who seem like grabbing a bite after yoga (judging from the yoga mat that they have).

I am not a fan of eating alone, but if you are, go and do so.
You won't find it boring here since they offer a pile of reading materials.

And I guess, MORE THAN JUST A RESTAURANT, because they also offer:

And before you leave, they let you write in this giant white board, that serves as their guestbook or something.
haha This is the total opposite of Van Gogh is Bipolar's Red Shit Wall :))

While these may be the sweetest.

HAHAHA Ours, definitely define SHAMELESS PLUGGING =))

Gratitude: More than a restaurant, because here, not only the food are yummy and healthy for your body, but for your soul as well :)
And really, more than all that, I was thankful that I shared the experience with none other than,