Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shoecrazed: Oxfords

First shoe post!

I have been thinking about a shoe post (being the shoe-lover that I am) for some time now and have only been able to actually make it now. But there was no need for wracking my brains on what shoe to feature. There was only one kind of shoe on my mind. That is the oxford shoe.

The oxfords are very versatile. They may come heeled or in the form of boots like the one above. And you can wear them with anything. Yeah, they may look very masculine but it's all in the styling. Here are some of the outfit options that can be worn.

Aren't they all very flirty and feminine? You can definitely wear them with heels or ballet flats but wearing them with oxfords will make the outfit more interesting and the manliness of the shoes balances out with the girly feel of the clothes.

You can of course also opt to go with the androgynous look.

The key to pulling these off is to make sure your ankles are not hidden underneath the pants so keep 'em just above by rolling those pants up as shown.

They may look blah now. That's where accessories come in. Chunky bracelets, a straw hat or a fedora, statement rings or necklaces would complete any look.

It seems these lace-ups are only coming to our shores now. I've been searching in our malls for some time now but have only seen them recently. Those in Bayo in particular are pretty sweet.

I'm hoping to lay my hands on, or rather feet, in these somehow. Don't be limited to ballet flats and sneakers. Try the oxfords for yourself. They are definitely a practical and classic must-have.

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