Friday, August 13, 2010

Friggatriskaideka: Friday the Thirteenth

Today is Friday the Thirteenth.
Many believes in the superstition that whenever the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday, it is a very unlucky day.

Well, I do not actually believe in such.
But, I can say that bad things happen on Friday the 13th.

Looking back at posts, well, you will find none of mine.
At least posts of which are unusually dated like, forever ago.

True, academics have been taking up my time, as well as organization activities.
That, is a valid statement.
But a statement I could possibly attest my affirmation is that:

I have been so uninspired lately.

Too uninspired that food, my ultimate source of happiness, does not seem so fascinating to me anymore.

And so I decided to find other things I could possibly amuse myself with.
And a million thanks to my ever so dear BFN, that she agreed to nurture my Fotographic Dream.

Friday the Thirteenth: The most perfect theme for the shoot.

And oh yes. After two shots, my batteries died on me :/

Sheeez, a definite bad luck for a frustrated photographer.

But then we bought new ones and all went well, eventually.

There may be significant, horrifying events that took place on a Friday the Thirteenth, but I don't know,

1. my muse in such a cute little black dress is just way too adorable to be a witch in disguise.


2. why should you avoid looking in a mirror if you are as stunning as NikkiT?

Maybe I am just not that kind of person who believes in superstition.

The incidence of the 13th falling on a Friday

could happen thrice a year.

And shit happens almost every split of a second.

It's just that in the slightest hint of a scientist that I am, superstitions is inexact science, at its best.
Signs, occurence, and impacts?

All guessworks.

Disclaimer: The author seeks thou's forgiveness for this post not having any relation to food nor fashion. I guess what I could provide you right now is my pursuit of Fotography. But, I promise to get back up in the food blogging game as soon as inspiration strikes.

Again, apologies.