Friday, August 20, 2010

Voodoo Doll Love

Finally had some time to make accessories, which has been a hobby of mine for a long time now. I made a pair of voodoo dolls. I learned with some instructions off the internet. They are not easy to do at first; I had to repeat the male doll thrice, but got the hang of it eventually. It's quite an accomplishment to see them in their spectacular form.

I made these dolls this afternoon and couldn't resist styling them to create a series of pictures that sort of tell a story. Some people might not appreciate them being faceless and made out of string and all but I find them adorable.

So here's the male doll; dashing but simple.

And here is his lady friend; cute and elegant.

I imagine her to be a carefree city girl and him a shy country guy.
They cross paths and know instantly that their hearts beat for one another despite their different backgrounds.
(The oldest cliche in the book! Sorry.:)))

perfect fit
the cutest couple
the kiss
These last two pictures are my favorites. It's as if they're real and you can actually feel their immense and boundless love for each other.


I will use the female doll and put a necklace on that loop while the male doll will most likely be a bag tag or keychain which I will give to my boyfriend. :)

Have a love-filled weekend!