Saturday, August 21, 2010

ShoeCrazed: Jil Sander Shoes S/S 2010

I saw a pair of Jil Sander shoes on Tommy Ton's blog and couldn't help being amazed. I just love a pair of shoes that use unusual materials and have an almost sculptural feel. It doesn't hurt to look aesthetically pleasing as well, of course.

Don't they have such cool heels? They look cold and industrial even but then there are those wooden platforms in front, which makes you think what an odd combination but it totally works!

Some of these are not sold and are shown for runway purposes only. 
I have a thing for runway shoes. They are usually over-the-top and dramatic. My eyes just double-up their sizes in awe at the sight of them. Maybe I'll have a post about them in the future.

When I saw these for the first time I couldn't help but look at them repeatedly for some minutes. They are just so drool-worthy. Especially the metallic shoe that reminds one of the cool reflection of oil on the road. Droooool.

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