Saturday, July 31, 2010

Girl Crush: Agyness Deyn

With her blonde hair, blue eyes, her magnificent jaw, her bubbly and fresh personality and of course her quirky, punk and androgynous style, she has caught the attention of the fashion-loving crowd.
She is Agyness Deyn (pronounced Agnes Dean).

Her uber-fearless style has inspired many a-fashionista.
She always stands out on the red carpet.

And even more with her rocker street style.

She is also known for her constantly-changing hair.

Besides modelling, she also dabbles into film; she was recently in Clash of the Titans as Aphrodite, and music;   she had a duet with Five O'Clock Heroes called Who and had a band named Lucky Knitwear. Although critics didn't take the single warmly she believes, "you should do what makes you happy".

What I most like about her is that she's really just a simple girl who was put into the spotlight because of her unique face and irresistible personality. She goes around New York in a bike for one,

 which makes every being who cares about the environment like me smile, and she always seems to have an optimistic outlook; she is rarely seen without a smile on her face and is constantly out having fun with her friends. 

And she likes going to flea markets! Even though she gets loads of gear for free from all the modeling. She loves a good bargain just like you and me.

She is one of those personalities worth all their hype and truly deserves the spotlight. I for one am certainly watching out for more developments in her career.

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