Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nearing the Horizon

As you might have noticed, I am not blogging about fashion very much lately (there goes that F). I am smitten at the moment with photography so much so that that interest has taken a backseat. And maybe I am no longer interested in fashion per se, but rather in style. They are two very different things. I might make a post in the future about that matter.

Anyway, these set of photographs is an attempt of mine to capture silhouettes and the effect the last rays of the sun brings. The moon is here too actually.;)

Most of the photos were taken on a walk (a rather brisk one as I wanted to catch the sunset at the bay but was too late) with Cameron last week in Manila. The first three were taken a long time ago (maybe about three months ago) using Cheska's cam. It was when we, along with Janelle, decided to cut our food engineering class to have isaw. Good times.

Watch out for the next post - the 50th! We have something for our readers.:D


Fatloss4idiots tips said...

nice photos, how take? it looks Professional :)
thanks for share

SoulePhenomenon said...

i super love the photos! way to go!!