Friday, November 05, 2010

Collared in an Instant

I have always been into DIYing my clothes; altering here and there, adding embellishments, etc. But I am much more into it now due to the overwhelming source of information that is the fashion blogosphere. Two great sources that I visit all the time are: A Pair and a Spare and Outsapop Trashion.

And of course I want to feature some simple DIY's with you (all six of you :P) readers of our humble blog.
The inspiration came from this photo that I saw from A Pair and a Spare:

Then I saw these

then this! (all from the same blog)

They are jaw-droppingly amazing!

Although this kind of made me feel bad that studs are not available anywhere near here (I considered buying a belt and taking them off but studded belts are usually expensive), I was certainly going to recreate this somehow.

And so I did.
You can try it too.
(You should!)

Get your dad's old shirt

Lay it down like so and cut the collar off making sure that you include the top button.

You are actually done here if you want your collar to be plain. Simplest DIY ever!

But if you want some details like I did get some beads and sew it along the stitching all throughout the collar.

(Yes, I know. We have the basic crappy digital camera. That explains the poor quality. Sad.)

It should look something like this

If you want a less-detached collar include parts of the shirt surrounding the collar like this

For the edges of this one I just used a candle flame to keep it from fraying. So incredibly easy, right?

Then add your collar to just about any outfit!
It would make your ordinary shirt much more interesting giving it a preppy vibe.

Here are more ideas from A Pair and a Spare:

Worn with form-fitting clothes that gives that good-girls-showing-their-sexy-side feel.

A printed one perhaps? This leopard print somewhat lessens the cuteness factor.

How 'bout it? Give collars a shot and instantly add personality to your look.
This especially works for the weather that we have here. No need to layer anymore, just snap the collar on in a matter of seconds!


Ricah said...

i like it nikki! no sewing involved! pampadami ng office clothes haha

NikkiT said...

ayihee. oo nga. ang cute no? thanks sensei.:D