Friday, October 08, 2010

Bellini's: Home of the Halo-Halo Pizza

Academic battles have waged war against us this week. Not to mention, we have final exams still ahead of us for the remainder of the semester. Of course, the best way to begin: Carbo-loading.

Bellini's have been Cubao's best kept epicurean spot for about 10 years now. It boosts itself as one of the institutions in Marikina Shoe Expo, Cubao (now Cubao eXpo) that opened in 1999.

It offers a somewhat classic Italian ambiance, that I believe aside from relatively affordable Italian food they offer, completes the whole authentic Italian experience.

Cheska and I were looking forward into having Sweet Wine earlier today. And we were so damn disappointed that it was not available. I mean, after all, what is Italian food without wine?

It completely baffled me how the waiters kept serving red concoction-filled shot glasses at nearby tables when they were almost done eating. Only to find out that they serve complimentary Sweet Wine to customers once done eating.
OUTRAGEOUS! They didn't serve us those :(
Yea, probably because we look like minors. (When I ate here with Paula, we never were served such as well. Maybe it's me. Yea, my cuteness interferes with my epicureanicity sometimes. LOL.) Eeeh minus pogi points for you, Mr. Bellini :/

The meal starts with a complimentary serving of bread sticks.

Waiters would recommend this:

Bellini's Special

But please, I beg of you: do not go with this suggestion. They are after all, waiters who never gave us our Sweet Wine fix. Haha. Bitterness aside, it was definitely like Halo-halo Pizza: there was eggplant, cucumber, onion, salame, and other Italian cold cuts laying in the bed of Mozarella cheese and Pomodoro.

I didn't like it.

I don't know, well fine, maybe it was just not the pizza for me. Like love, it was too complicated o_0 Emphasize on like, it wasn't love at all.

I mean, I never got the memo that Italian food isn't about producing the simplest high quality foods cooked out of the freshest ingredients anymore.

Thank God for the pasta dishes!

Fettucini al Funghi

This has been the unanimous favorite among foodies. And surprise, surprise! Foodie in the house yo! Yes, this is definitely my personal favorite: creamy mushroom pasta, so much love ♥

Fettucini Pesto Mare

Tell me to Think Green, and I will think about Pesto.
I have been so in love with Pesto lately, and this creamy white one with lots of seafood definitely intensified such.


And while I am already in love with two pastas, I really could not take my mind off this one. It's spaghetti in olive oil, garlic and chili. You'll definitely enjoy the spicy kick in your pasta, if you ask me.

Oh and their Iced Tea tasted like Iced Mango Tea, bearable, but never completely satisfying.

Oh Italia, Italia! This afternoon I consumed you, and there is no doubt about it, you, consumed me.

Cubao eXpo, Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City
Italian Cuisine
Estimated Budget: ~300 per meal