Thursday, October 07, 2010

Celsius: A Gastronome's Lounge

Celsius is said to be named after the unit of temperature commonly used in the kitchen. The food was delightfully pleasant, no less than as expected from ISCAHM education (its students and chefs run this place), definitely a gastronome's lounge.

True enough, the place isn't entirely a fairytale land. But tonight's dining experience here definitely made me feel like a princess.

For one, the prices were a bit fit only for the royal market. Nevertheless, they were entirely worth it. Aside from the superb food quality, they came in big servings.

They even serve complimentary bread.

For such hefty and well-cooked entrees, it amazed me so much that they were able to finish all these in just about 10 minutes or so.

Chorizo and Spinach Stuffed Chicken

They do not have so much choices in their menu. Then again, everything sounds so perfect. But this one, definitely is! I swear my word for that.

Seafood Grill

This is a giant platter of Calamari, Celsius Tuna, Grilled Salmon, Pesto Prawns and Scallops with Sun-Dried Risotto, Crunchy Spinach and Asparagus on the side. This will definitely have you converted into a Pescetarian (no red meat diet).

The way they were able to keep the seafoods fresh, at the same time, savory, will and always be one of the many reasons why I have great respect for ISCAHM.

This is really heavy for the tummy. The risotto probably is the main reason why.

Chocolate Banana Bread and Butter Pudding

And this my friend, is definitely dessert at its finest. I wish they'd put up a new word in the dictionary. Because I know none right now that could embody this dessert's awesomeness.

Oh, and do try Lychee Iced Tea as well! It's something new and refreshing.

And so I extend infinite gratitude for ISCAHMers.

You made sense of the world tonight and put up into our table a montage much, much bigger than that of kilig moments in my romantic comedy library.
Thank you ♥

Celsius Gastrolounge
#67 Scout Rallos St. corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Asian Fusion Cuisine
Estimated Budget: ~500 per meal