Saturday, October 09, 2010

No Teasing Required: How to create a big bun

If like me you have thin and not-quite-long-and-not-quite-short-either hair length then gathering your hair up in a bun would leave you with a barely-there knot, which is just sad-looking. But there's a solution!

And it is one that would not put your hair into a terrifying teasing mess because teasing is scary and damaging to hair. You will need:

several hairpins, 3 hair ties: 2 of normal size and 1 that's thick and large
All can be bought at just about any drugstore, beauty area at the department store or accessory shop.

Put your hair in a ponytail. Here I opted for a high one but you could try doing it lower on your head.
Then grab your large hair tie then place it right on top of the first one.

Bring your hair around the large hair tie so as to hide it.

Then grab it along with your hair and tie it which would result into a small bun.
Start pulling the hair outward to make the bun larger.

Gather the rest of the hair around the base of the bun and pin in place.

You could end here if you like the result. But I like mine to be flat on my head.
(Eversince Cheska teased me about how it's somewhat unnatural-looking I thought of a way to make it look better. :P)

So using your finger pull sections of the bun toward your scalp and pin. Do this until you've secured the whole bun. You would get something like this:

It doesn't have to be neat or anything.:))

This is actually inspired by Tricia Gosingtian's hair tutorial. I just modified it a bit. She used a fake hair tie on hers.

And so there it is, fterritory's first hair tutorial.:D

Wear this flattering style low or high on your head or even a side bun.


Anonymous said...

this is absolutely brilliant. Love it