Saturday, December 25, 2010

Aubergine Restaurant Patisserie: The 7 Sections of My December 25 Culinary Orchestra

Happy December 25 F-Territory readers!
Like I said, I grew up in a non-Catholic environment (and wouldn't have it in any other way), hence, this day is no more than, December 25.

But hey, I don't really want to be some Holiday grinch. And you know me, I enjoy food too much. I won't let you have all the immaculate moment as your fork meets the knife and gives that squishy sound as you dissect your oh-so succulent holiday ham. I may not really have something to rave over, such as, the so-called Noche Buena but here's what my December 25 eve looks like :)

Soft wheat bread, twisted pretzel, poppy seed bread and Amuse Brouche

Pan-seared French duck foie gras on celeriac-apple puree, Galantine of Australian quail with white tomato snow accompanied by mesclun greens, tossed in Champagne-walnut vinaigrette

Minted cream of green pea with home-made smoked ostrich ham an sesame seed croutons

Open ravioli of pan-fried Arctic sea scallops on spinach mousseline in crab nage

Elderberry and flower sorbet

Grilled Australian Mulwarra beef tenderloin in black truffle jus and milk fed Dutch veal loin in morel cream sauce served with vegetable tagliolini pasta

Crispy French goose leg confit on creamed Savoy cabbage with apple potato gnocchi and Madeira jus

coffee, blood orange-rhubard orb with vanilla crescent, Gluhwein jelly, hot ginger-chocolate, praline, macaroons, and christmas cookies.

Gaaaah. Aubergine - EVERYTHING FRENCH FOOD SHOULD BE. Grand ambiance, fawning service, food tastes exactly as good as they look -- everything, in one perfect symphony.

December 24 always makes for a very sensual dining experience as the 25th of December unfolds. I hope you too had a rather perfect one :)
Holiday cheers y'all!

Aubergine Restaurant Patisserie
32nd and 5th Building, 5th Avenue corner 32nd Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
French Cuisine
Estimated Budget: ~2000 per person