Thursday, December 30, 2010

Of Fairytales and Polka Dots

As it turns out, giving myself ten days excluding the two weekends that have passed for the ten DIY's I planned were not enough. Very far from it. Today is the tenth day (this was written yesterday at around 11pm last night which makes it still actually the tenth day) and I have yet to make the purse that I've been meaning to make on the last day. I am also still not done with the bow shorts, but am making some progress with it. Oh and my hair is still not the caramel brown color that I want. I'm not sure when I will get to having it colored.

I apparently did not quite foresee and consider the tons of chores and some merry-making to be done and had in the plan. I did however get the flower crown and peter pan collar done. I finished the tulle skirt too only I can't show it here yet since it is still hanging up to dry as of this writing.

I chronicled how I made the floral crown. It is considerably simple and quick to make.

You will need to go to the department store and check out the home section for the flowers (my sister and I got the flowers at a thrift shop though), the altering section or the supplies store for the ribbon (I used 2 yards) and the hardware for the soft wire. I opted not to use the roses which are pretty big. Using just the smaller flowers look better on this particular flower crown.


Take the wire and fashion it on your head like a crown then secure it by twisting the ends together. Lay the elements of the crown against the wire like in the first picture so you'd have an idea how it looks and so you would know their distances from each other and could adjust accordingly. Each flower should have a wire on its end so you'd be able to secure it on the wire. Luckily, the ones we bought already had them on.

Then take the flowers and twist the ends on the crown. After you have that done you can then take the ribbon and loop it over so that no part of the wires show. I used the matte side of the ribbon instead of the shiny one and left a feet or two at the start and end so that there's some ribbon hanging at the back. Then you have yourself a pretty flower crown that would remind you of fairies and all ethereal creatures that frolic in some magical forest flanked with majestic animals and birds singing sweetly in the background. At least it did for me. It also reminded me of Bambi for some reason.


For the collar, I made a pattern for it by tracing a shirt I have with a collar of the same shape on paper. I then pinned the pattern on the black cloth that I found from our abundant supply of cloth scraps and started sewing. I sewed ribbons on both ends which is how I would tie the collar on.

And finally, I've mustered enough confidence to make my first outfit post without BFJ.
I wore this cute polka dotted romper, which was a present from my ate, on Christmas day. I just love how it looks like a dress.

romper - Redhead, flats - Parisian, cardigan - G2000

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Enjoy the rest of the holidays!