Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Lantern Parade (or my Brother Should Be a Model)

The University of the Philippines held its annual Lantern Parade last week. Hoards of people flocked to the campus grounds to be part of the event including myself, my brother and my mom.

The lanterns weren't that spectacular, in fact some of them looked kind of pathetic (sorry but that's the truth). This made for a less enthusiastic photographing so I took to taking pictures of my brother instead, whom I've recently noticed is a natural in front of the camera. It takes no effort for him at all! He's such a good-looking dude.;)

Christmas is almost here!


jamie said...

wow marshy! you're blogging na!hehehe.. love it!

NikkiT said...

mallow! kumusta ka na??:D
haha, kaw din?