Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do a Little Distressing on Your Jeans

Hello there. It has been quite a while. We've both been pretty busy and might do some changes with the blog once the holidays starts. It's because we've been finding it very hard to squeeze in time to post..more on that next time.

For the mean time here is something to try your hands on: distressing your jeans.
(Yes, I always find time to DIY. It's kind of a passion of mine.)

Grab a pair of jeans that you're not very fond of, one that you wouldn't mind experimenting on, or maybe one that looks pretty worn out already that it looks like it's going in that direction anyway. You're just helping it get there faster.

The tools you will need are a nail file or a sandpaper, and a pair of your trusty scissors. Oh and some patience and a little muscle will be helpful too.

Snip on the part of the jeans where your knees go - which is always the best part to distress. Make another cut parallel to this one a few inches (or according to your liking) above it.

With both hands hold the cut-up area and pull with all your might or just enough to soften the material until the threads come apart.

Pull a few of the threads at a time.

After removing the blue threads, using your nail file, pick at the edges then sand it. This is to make it look somewhat authentically worn.

You can then move on to create other patches or whateveryoucallems. I limited mine to just the upper part of the jeans. For the smaller patches you can choose to sand the whole thing. This may take some time and determination though.

For the bigger ones, you can pull the white threads out using the nail file. This helps it to look more natural.

You will have something like this

So there. Add a little grunge to your look. Because we don't have to look properly put together all the time.:))