Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ten Days of D.I.Y. (and Changes to Come)

Have you noticed our spankin' new layout yet?
It is so totally cute and girly. I adore it! I think I just might be a closet girly girl...hmmm.

This layout has been one of my projects for the Christmas break. There are actually ten of them (or more if I find something else to do), which would be done in ten days. It's a bit of a challenge for myself. Although I think it's pretty darn hard to actually do them all in ten days. I might give myself some allowance; I wouldn't count the weekends and Christmas.

Here is a not-so-good illustration of the ten:

I've done four of them already (which is right on schedule because it is day four); the bow hair tie, the tiered blouse that I turned into a skirt, turned my boots into booties and this blog's new design. The drawings, by the way, are not made by me. I scoured the internet for them.

So now I still have the peter pan collar to do, and the flower crown, a tulle skirt, finish the bow shorts that I've cast aside for some time now, make that cute bag and color my hair brown. I'm not so sure about coloring my own hair, maybe I'll let a pro do it or something.

Here are photos of what I've done so far:

I will be blogging about the progress or result of the others. Wish me luck!

P.S. About the changes that I mentioned at the last post...I was referring to the design, and more importantly, to the content of the blog. During very busy weeks or even months, Janelle and I really find it hard to commit time to composing content for this blog. It's because we take this blog seriously and usually a post takes hours to make. So we agreed that we can have posts of only photographs. We'll be likely to post outfit pictures, photos that inspire us, photos that we took that you may or may not consider to be photography, or just photos that we think are special. We still are going to write of course. That's if and when we have the time (which we will sometimes).

P.P.S. Janelle is having blogger's block. She'll be resuming as soon as she gets over it, although I told her that she can just post pictures. You can check to see how she's doing here.

Anyhow, here's to a kind-of new and improved fterritory!